di F. Cattaneo & C.
Via Sant'Angelo 11 - 22070 Vertemate con Minoprio COMO
Codice Fiscale e P.IVA  IT



According to the Registry Office of the Italian drawing mills, Trafilmetalli s.a.s. is born in 1979 in Vertemate con Minoprio (CO), actually at that time, the company was already 43 years old, spent in the sit of Rebbio (CO), with the original name of TIP, abbreviation for Trafilerie Italiane di Precisione.

Only the name of the company changed: the new owners, the four brothers Cattaneo, ex  truck drivers, were supported at the beginning of their activity by the founder of TIP and  carry on with the production of thin wire, both of ferrous metals (iron and steel cover 80%) and non-ferrous (bronze, copper, brass, nickel-silver) with diameter from 0,10 to 1,00 mm.

Today the company, which  can count on the collaboration of the partner Ducap s.a.s., manufacturer of winding machines, supplies with its wire round 500 customers, operating in particularly in Graphic Arts and binding industry, in the electric cables production and in many other fields, such as trimming, jewelry, metallic meshes, pins, needles and springs.

The company is able to satisfy specific requirements of tensile strength, thanks to the inter-annealing treatment of the wire in the electric ovens.

(from interview published on "Tecnologie del filo" march 2015)                                                                                                                                                http://www.tecnologiedelfilo.it/trafilmetalli-s-a-s-quando-il-filo-va-per-il-sottile/